Benetton (A)

  • Reference: HBS-602S19

  • Year: 1982

  • Geographic Setting: Italy;United States

  • Publication Date: Feb 22, 14

  • Source: HBSP (USA)

  • Type of Document: Case

  • Company: $400 million sales

  • Industry Setting: Apparel;Retail trade

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The world's largest manufacturer of woolen outerwear garments seeks to extend its retailing network to the United States from its base in Europe. A number of issues concerning marketing, manufacturing, and logistics strategy are raised by the proposed move along with specific questions about how the move should be managed. The case describes a well-thought-out, functionally integrated strategy for Europe in a way that allows assessment of its applicability for a proposed U.S. effort.


Brands International marketing Logistics Manufacturing Marketing strategy Networks Production planning