Harlequin Enterprises Limited - 1979

  • Reference: IVEY-9A87M002-E

  • Year: 1979

  • Number of pages: 18

  • Geographic Setting: Canada/USA

  • Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987

  • Fecha de edición: Apr 5, 2001

  • Source: Ivey Business School (Canada)

  • Type of Document: Case

  • Company: Medium

  • Industry Setting: Manufacturing;

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This case presents Harlequin in 1979 at the peak of its success. The company is looking at diversification, trying to use its ever increasing cash flow. Specific issues are the type of diversification (if any) the company should engage in, and whether it should set up its own sales force in the U.S. The general issue is one of accurately identifying Harlequin's capabilities. This case should be used, although it is not strictly necessary, with the Harlequin Enterprises Limited - 1984 case 9A87M003.

Learning Objective

This case series is best used in a course where students are learning to assess the resources and capabilities of a company - the ability of companies to carry out their current or proposed strategies.


Corporate Strategy Diversification