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If you work for a consulting firm you can receive a discount on the purchase of materials to use with your students. Write to us at and we will explain you how to proceed. 

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All the cases we sell include two marks:

  • a side note indicating the details of usage that you indicated during the purchase or your name if you have bought a single copy.
  • a watermark that identifies the document as an official copy.

The document you purchased is for your personal use. You can keep the file electronically on your computer or other devices, but you may not distribute it to third parties.

If you would like to use the document in class, you will have to buy a copy for each student and buy it again for each new group of students. See more information about purchasing for academic institutions in the University Institutions section.

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Document pricing depends on the use and type of document you wish to buy. The general prices in effect are:

Individual customer:
Cases; Focused Cases; Supplements; Technical Notes; Articles; Exercises and Book chapters: € 6.75 / copy.

* Members of the Alumni Association of IESE and Employer Companies: have a 30% discount on the material mentioned above when this is from IESE, not from other schools, leaving the price per copy at € 4.80.

> If you are buying something on behalf of a university, you can check the prices in the University Institutions section.

> All buyers from Spain must pay VAT on any documents purchased. Learn more about VAT

Academic Institutions

During the purchase process the system will ask you to choose between Degree and Non-degree. This is because the price is set based on the type of program. The Degree courses are all those course that give access to an official degree: Bachelor's degrees, Degrees, Masters, MBA, etc. Non-degree courses are those that do not lead to a degree: seminars, short programs, conferences, etc.

No. You will have to buy a new license for each new group of students.

Document pricing depends on the use and type of document. 

Academic customers (Spain and rest of the world)

Usage in Degree programs:
Cases; Focused Cases; Technical notes; Articles, Excercices and Book chapters: 2,90€/copy.
Supplements: 2€/copy

Usage in non-degree programs
Cases; Focused Cases; Technical notes; Articles, Excercices and Book chapters:5,40€/copy. 
Supplements: 3,80€/copy

Academic customers in Latin America

Usage in Degree programs: 
Cases; Focused Cases; Technical notes; Articles, Excercices and Book chapters: 1,45€/copy. 
Supplements: 1€/copia copy

Usage in non-degree programs:  
Cases; Focused Cases; Technical notes; Articles, Excercices and Book chapters: 2,90€/copy. 
Supplements: 2,60€/copy

Yes, you may upload the documents purchased on your university's intranet, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • The Intranet must be protected with username and password for each student.
  • The material must be renewed for each new group of students/new course.
  • You must provide username and password for IESEP when requested.
  • In the footer of the Intranet site, you must indicate:

“The documents available on this site are protected by copyright. These documents should not be forwarded electronically or otherwise to a third party. Do not post these documents on any website or intranet site or modify or extract any part of them. Print these documents for your personal use only.” 

The cases are designed for the purpose of class discussion, so they are not resolved.
To include one of our documents in another publication, you can contact us at publishing @ indicating which document you would like to use and the details of the publication. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know which rate applies.

Permission for translation of IESE cases may be offered to university institutions. The conditions for translation are as follows:

- The translation must follow the guidelines of IESE cases, which we will provide via email once the terms have been accepted.

- When the translation is completed, you will need to send a copy of the translated case in both PDF and Word format to IESE Publishing.

To request permission, fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know if the translation has been approved.


It is a learning tool that places students in a combination of business situations in which they need to apply the concepts that they learnt in class and make decisions under pressure. Learn more about available IESE Simulations

Beer Game: Supply Game Simulation The legendary game used to teach the key principles of Supply Chain Management. Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Big Bank Experiments With Artificial Intelligence This simulation helps to understand the implementation process of Artificial Intelligence at a corporate level, compliance with FATE framework and the importance of the IT infrastructure. Available in English and Spanish.

Pearson Cosmetics Simulation Interactive simulation in which students take charge of the company, to manage purchasing, manufacturing, sales, store and finance areas of the company. It can be played as a full version or by modules. Available in English and Chinese.

Relic Island: Negotiation Simulation In this simulation, students will be able to participate in the competition for profits between tourist transport companies. Available in English and Spanish.

EXSIM This simulation covers all relevant areas of a company: strategic decision making, marketing and sales, operations and supply chain management, people, and finance. Available in English.

Simulations are only available for its use in class at Academic Institutions. To order please fill out IESE Simulations Request Form and we will email you the details and the final price.

Price depends on the type of simulation and its use. If you want to know more feel free to contact us and we will inform you.

Price per student and use:

Beer Game: 9€/Degree, 18€/Non-degree

Big Bank: 18€/Degree, 35€/Non-degree

Pearson Cosmetics (complete): 27€/Degree, 45€/Non-degree

Pearson Cometics (one module): 9€/Degree, 18€/Non-degree

Relic Island: 15€/Degree, 25€/Non-degree

ExSim: 90€/Degree, 90€/Non-degree

Yes, you can order a Demo by filling out IESE Simulations Demo Request Form and we will contact you via email.

In general, all simulations need only a computer and a good internet connection.