Mr. Jax Fashion Inc.

  • Reference: IVEY-9A89M008-E

  • Year: 1989

  • Number of pages: 20

  • Geographic Setting: Canada

  • Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989

  • Fecha de edición: Apr 18, 2000

  • Source: Ivey Business School (Canada)

  • Type of Document: Case

  • Company: Large

  • Industry Setting: Manufacturing;

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The president of Mr. Jax is faced with a strategy and resource related decision. The company has pursued a product diversification strategy during the past several years, but the Free Trade environment would best suit a strategy of expansion into the U.S. market. Unfortunately, limited resources require the president to make some choices regarding a future strategy for Mr. Jax.

Learning Objective

To delineate the linkage between environment, strategy, and corporate resources in the context of developing an overall business strategy. This case essentially covers all of the elements of the diamond-E framework, including environment, strategy, resources, management preferences, and organizational attributes. In addition, a variety of implementation issues relevant to strategic change are pertinent to the case.The case could be used in a course on strategy formulation.


Corporate Strategy Diversification Strategic Balance