Olapic on Amazon.com's Cloud - Teaching Note

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  • Reference: SIT-18-E

  • Year: 2011

  • Number of pages: 16

  • Publication Date: Dec 3, 2014

  • Source: IESE (España)

  • Type of Document: Teaching Note

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On the morning of April 21, 2011, Alex Dantart, CTO of Olapic, was about to run the final tests on his New York-based IT startup company's new service, uPhoto. The launch date for this innovative photo crowdsourcing service, commissioned by Olapic's first corporate client - the New York Daily News (NYDN), was slated for the end of April. Although it seemed like the Internet connection was working, Dantart was puzzled when he realized that he could not access any of Olapic's servers, which ran on Amazon's cloud services.