Simulations page.


Would you like to offer your students a new learning experiences? Have you ever thought about using a simulation in your class?

A simulation is a learning tool that places students in a combination of business situations in which they need to apply the concepts that they´ve learnt in class and make decisions under pressure.

Our professors have developed these simulations following IESE innovative learning models: interaction, real cases, practice, technology as a means and learning as an outcome.

Critical Care, Critical Data

Understand the potential applications and benefits of AI in healthcare, specifically in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Gain insights into the AI lifecycle, from data acquisition and model training to continuous improvement and implementation. Develop effective communication and collaboration skills to interact with data teams and project stakeholders. Experience the complexities of utilizing AI in a healthcare setting and the ethical considerations involved.

Available in English and Spanish.

Hire a Chef

Enhance team decision-making skills and understand the importance of collaboration and communication in reaching a consensus. Develop critical thinking and analytical abilities to assess different candidates and make informed hiring decisions. Learn to balance diverse perspectives and opinions in a group setting to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. Gain valuable insights from efficient group debriefing sessions that reinforce learning and encourage continuous improvement.

Available in English.

Beer Game: Supply Chain Simulation

Based on the legendary Beer Game simulation, a proven and effective learning tool for supply chain management education. Real-time multiplayer experience that promotes collaboration, communication, and competition among participants. Efficient group debriefing sessions that reinforce learning outcomes and provide valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Big Bank Experiments With Artificial Intelligence

Big Bank is an artificial intelligence simulation for business managers, and is perfect for graduate, post-graduate and executive education programs. Grounded in the FATE framework, emphasizing the importance of fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics in AI implementation. Engaging and realistic simulation experience that reflects the complexities and nuances of AI-driven business transformation. Comprehensive debriefing sessions tailored to individual and group performance, facilitating deeper understanding and practical knowledge.

Available in English and Spanish.

Pearson Cosmetics Simulation

The Pearson Cosmetics simulation is designed to teach multiple basic operational concepts, such as lead time, reorder point and quantity, manufacturing capacity, and capital expenditure allocation, among others. Interactive simulation experience that covers various aspects of global operations management, providing a holistic learning experience. Multiple learning objectives that enable participants to develop decision-making skills and understand the interdependencies between different business areas. Flexible modular configuration, allowing for customizable learning experiences and targeted focus on specific aspects of global operations management.

Available in English and Chinese.

Relic Island: Negotation Simulation

Relic Island is the scenario of a competitive battle for profits between tourist transport companies. Interactive, real-time multiplayer experience that engages participants in a competitive negotiation scenario. Teaches effective negotiation skills, game theory concepts and the importance of collaboration in a business context.

Available in English and Spanish.