Simulations page.


Would you like to offer your students a new learning experiences? Have you ever thought about using a simulation in your class?

A simulation is a learning tool that places students in a combination of business situations in which they need to apply the concepts that they´ve learnt in class and make decisions under pressure.

Our professors have developed these simulations following IESE innovative learning models: interaction, real cases, practice, technology as a means and learning as an outcome.

Beer Game: Supply Chain Simulation

The production-distribution game (or beer game) has been used in management education since the late 1960s. It is a role-playing game where participants (individually or in teams) have to minimize costs by managing orders in a production-distribution chain that includes a brewery and several levels of distribution.

Available in English, Spanish and Chinese.

Big Bank Experiments With Artificial Intelligence

Millennials Bank is an artificial intelligence simulation for business managers, and is perfect for graduate, post-graduate and executive education programs.

Available in English and Spanish.

Pearson Cosmetics Simulation

The Pearson Cosmetics simulation is designed to teach multiple basic operational concepts, such as lead time, reorder point and quantity, manufacturing capacity, and capital expenditure allocation, among others.

Available in English and Chinese.

Relic Island: Negotation Simulation

Relic Island is the scenario of a competitive battle for profits between tourist transport companies. Will they collaborate to achieve a peaceful solution or will they lose it all over fighting?

Available in English and Spanish.