The Grand Afroport: General Instructions

  • Reference: NEGE-4-E

  • Number of pages: 4

  • Publication Date: Sep 29, 2017

  • Source: IESE (España)

  • Type of Document: Exercise

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"The Grand Afroport" is a cross-cultural contextualization of Harvard University's Harborco exercise. The case can be used in the context of multicultural, multiparty negotiations. In this exercise, there are six parties involved: (1) The Grand Afroport, (2) the African Development Bank, (3) the African Union Commission for Infrastructure Development, (4) the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Africania, (5) the Global Environmental Protection Group, and (6) the Association of African Harbors. They get together to decide whether The Grand Afroport consortium should be awarded a loan to construct a modern port in the east African country Africania.

Learning Objective

Allow about an hour for preparation and 90 minutes for the negotiation.

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