New product IESE ON

IESE On is a new editorial product from IESE Publishing. Each issue will feature a curated collection of articles on a key theme for business, with a multidisciplinary focus. We are well aware that all management areas interact and a broad view is crucial to address business challenges efficiently.

The first issue is dedicated to Sustainable Leadership.

IESE ON 1. Sustainable Leadership

The world is facing great challenges, such as climate change, poverty and inequality. Businesses can play an important role in solving these seemingly intractable problems.

In this collection of articles curated by IESE faculty, you'll find the information you need to lead your organization's transition to a sustainable future.

IESE On. Sustainable Leadership


You will find the following articles:  

  • Tackling Sustainability,
    • Prof. Fabrizio Ferraro, Dirección Estratégica, IESE
  •  A Strategic Approach to Sustainability,
    • Prof. Mike Rosenberg, Dirección Estratégica, IESE
  • How to go green without the wash,
    • Prof. Pacual Berrone, Dirección Estratégica, IESE
  • Calculating the cost of climate change,
    • Porf. Carles Vergara, Dirección Financiera, IESE
  • Green Reporting,
    • Prof. Gaizka Ormazabal, Contabilidad y Control, IESE
  • The sweeping change of net zero,
    • Prof. Miguel Duro, Contabilidad y Control, IESE
  • Mend your supply chain to prevent a brand disaster,
    • Prof. Anna Sáez de Tejada, Operaciones, Información y Tecnología, IESE
    • Prof. Felipe Caro, UCLA
    • Prof. Leonard Lane, Paul Merge School fo Business

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