Coca-Cola Nestlé Refreshments Company (E)

  • Reference: SM-1635-E

  • Year: 1991-2001

  • Number of pages: 3

  • Publication Date: Mar 31, 2016

  • Source: IESE (España)

  • Type of Document: Case

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The Coca-Cola Nestlé Refreshments Company (CCNR) began operations in 1991 as a joint venture (JV) between Coca-Cola and Nestlé. Both companies had manufactured and marketed a ready-to-drink coffee-based drink in Japan very successfully. Aware of a large potential world market and of the difficulties associated with launching a new product category on a worldwide basis, the two companies decided to combine their respective capabilities for this purpose. Case E describes an ill-fated incident involving one of Coca-Cola's bottlers - a situation that allows one of CCNR's main competitors to stay in the market when this could have been avoided.

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